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Roof Survey & Report:
The roof survey and report can be used by property management firms, hospitals, schools, government sites, commercial buildings, Business and industrial parks, restaurants and institutions to determine the best course of action to maintain and improve their roofing inventory.

The roof survey begins with the visual and digital photographic inspection of the existing deck, roof system including flashings and all connected and roof related system components. During this time we will collect information from the building owner or owner¹s representative about the buildings history including, past leaks and other related problems, installation dates, roof top equipment modifications, roof repairs, warranty information and any architectural drawings. John F. Shea will then process all collected roof data and provide a comprehensive report.

The roof survey report is presented in an easy to read, well-organized format, which explains in detail each item. Each report is accompanied with photographic documentation. The report will list recommended actions to repair or improve the condition of the roof, including roof replacement if needed. The report will be presented in both hard copy as well as in a PDF format.

Preventative Maintenance:
As with any physical asset, the key to preventing problems and extending the life of your roof system is preventive maintenance. The nation's major roof manufacturers consider this activity so critical that they require proof of preventative maintenance in order to keep their warranties valid. You can protect your roof, and any current warranties, with John F. Shea's Roof Maintenance Program. The program institutionalizes the ongoing maintenance of your roof system by trained roofing professionals, freeing you to devote your time and energy to other responsibilities while ensuring you get the maximum life and performance from your roof. The cost is reasonable too, because it's tailored to your specific roof system. In fact, by extending the life of your roof, the program could pay for itself many times over.

Twice each year, John F. Shea's service technicians inspect your roof to assess its overall condition and identify potential trouble spots, paying particular attention to those areas most susceptible to early failure, including flashing of roof penetrations, field seams and metal edgings. During each inspection, our technicians also perform the following services as part of the preventative maintenance program.

  • Check/clear drains gutters and downspouts to ensure proper unobstructed drainage.
  • Remove trash or other debris that has fallen onto the roof.
  • Top off pitch pockets.
  • Redistribute roof ballast as necessary.
  • Perform any necessary repairs covered by your existing manufacturer's warranty, and bill the manufacturer directly for that work.
  • Repair any minor imperfections in the roof system that can be completed during the course of the service inspection.
  • Submit a written cost estimate for any major repairs required to keep your roof performing as designed. Upon your acceptance of our proposal, we promptly perform those repairs.
Following each service inspection, we submit a Roof Asset Management Report to you describing the overall condition of your roof system. This report, which includes a diagram of your roof, identifies any sections of your building where major roof repairs or reroofing may be required within the next three years­to help you budget for future capital improvements. It also explains exactly what repair work, if any, was completed during our visit.

24/7 Leak Service:
Emergency calls from our Preventative Maintenance customers are given priority status by our service department, which is available to respond to leak calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Emergency repairs are billed on a time-and-material basis. If permanent repairs cannot be completed during our initial response (i.e. during a rainstorm), our technicians will secure the problem temporarily and follow-up with permanent repairs when the roof is dry.

New Penetrations:
If you need to install new equipment, pipes or drains, JFS has the ability and flexibility to schedule these installations either through you or your mechanical contractor. JFS works with all the major roofing manufacturers, so if your roof is currently under warranty, we will notify the manufacturer of any changes on your roof.

Customer Service:
At John F. Shea we've built our reputation by delivering on our promise to provide quality work at competitive prices. In keeping with our commitment to customer satisfaction, our maintenance technicians aren't just accomplished roofers, they're skilled customer service representatives who resolve your roofing problems with minimal disruption to your business activities. After any service call to your facility, our service manager will visit your facility to perform a quality control evaluation.

You can also be assured that:

  • Our crews will show up when we say they will (weather permitting).
  • Our crews will meet with you or your designated representative at the outset of each service inspection to be sure that we address any concern you might have.
  • Our crews will adhere to all government-prescribed safety regulations as well as John F. Shea's own high safety standards.
  • Our crews will take care not to damage your property, including your building, landscaping, sidewalks and parking areas. If our crews do cause any accidental damage to your property, we will repair it.
As a full-service commercial roofing contractor, John F. Shea is equipped to handle all your roofing needs, from emergency leak service to complete roof replacement. We are licensed installers of all major roofing manufacturers' single ply systems and specialize in all forms of metal roofing, including standing-seam systems and slate.