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Is a Professional Roofer Necessary? 3 Common Mistakes Made by Unqualified Roofers

Resources // Renovation // February 27, 2020

When your commercial building needs a new roof, it may be tempting to try installing it on your own. When it needs a repair, you might consider repairing it yourself. While this might sound like a good way to save money, the amount that common mistakes could cost you will greatly outweigh the cost of a professional. Hiring a professional roofer is imperative to the success of your commercial roof. To avoid the following mistakes, seek out a professional, experienced roofer today.

1. Incorrect Installation

The entire roof could be installed incorrectly if you try to complete it on your own. A professional roof installer will follow a strict, precise process to ensure the entire project gets done correctly from start to finish. For example, a roofer will be sure to use the correct nails, apply the right layers, and spend enough time to make sure it is waterproofed.

When business owners try installation on their own, they often miss a step. The wrong nails could lead to damage in the roofing materials. Not securing one or more layers could lead to leaks. There are a lot of things that could go wrong without the training and expertise of the professionals.

2. An Unsafe Process

Think about the accidents that can ensue from simply hammering a nail. Now think about those accidents happening 40 feet in the air. Working on a roof can be dangerous, and amateurs simply don’t have the safety equipment it requires. Not only does this increase safety risks, but it could also result in damaged roofing and more extensive repairs or replacements.

3. The Wrong Materials

A commercial building requires specific materials for the roof. If the substrate is weighed down by roofing materials that are too heavy, it could result in later repairs. Other types of incorrect materials could lead to tears or punctures when the wind picks up. When the professionals take care of your commercial roof, you can rest assured those problems will be avoided with the use of proper materials.

Contacting the Professionals

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