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Commercial Roofing Maintenance & Repair Reduces Life Cycle Costs

Commercial roofing maintenance and repair protects your assets by preventing damage and reduces life cycle costs by deferring replacement.

When it comes to roofs, building and installation is just the first step. Ongoing roof maintenance is essential to maintaining value. According to Facilitiesnet, “comprehensive, effective maintenance is essential for a long performance life.”

With diverse expertise and a century of experience, John F. Shea has been protecting, maintaining and repairing all kinds of commercial roofs for over 100 years. Maintenance and repair services from JFS reduce risk and increase value by preventing:

As New England’s best provider for comprehensive commercial roofing solutions, JFS’s maintenance and repair abilities cover all aspects of roofing damage due to weather, wear and tear and unforeseen accidents. Our unparalleled abilities include:

The most cost-effective roof system costs the least over its entire life cycle. Proactive maintenance and timely repairs reduce roofing life cycle costs.

Choose the safety, security and experience of John F. Shea to protect and maintain the asset that protects your infrastructure. Contact us today to start the process.

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