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Proactive Roofing Maintenance Increases ROI

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As roofing systems mature, investing in preventative roofing maintenance now can save on major capital expenditures later. A survey of commercial building owners revealed more than 20 percent of roofing repairs and maintenance are unbudgeted. A preventative maintenance plan with John F. Shea can help you get in front of these repairs and budgeting for their expense.

Commercial roofing is a significant investment. Preventative maintenance allows facility managers to maximize this investment by extending the life of the roof and preventing costly issues before they arise. A comprehensive commercial roof maintenance program plays a key part in any fiscally responsible facility plan.

Reduce Costs

A commercial roofing maintenance package from John F. Shea enables us to find and repair small problems before they grow large and costly. Seasonal inspections and diligent repair schedules save money down the road by preventing issues before they occur.

Depending on your roofing’s manufacturer, they may recommend or require you to maintain a preventative maintenance program for their warranted roof. Some even offer extensions on their warranty if you have a plan in place.

Extend the life of the roof

Preventative maintenance positively impacts a roof’s lifespan. Maintaining the structure at its best instead of waiting for damage to repair maintains the roof’s integrity. A well-maintained roof is more likely to withstand the elements and protect your property.

Want to protect your roof and extend its life? Find out about preventative maintenance programs from John F. Shea.

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