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VIEW PROJECT: First Baptist Church Steeple Restoration, New Bedford
New Bedford Church Steeple Restoration — John F. Shea, Inc.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19/Coronavirus, we have halted all roofing operations as of Monday, March 16.

This step will:

This unprecedented event will require an unprecedented response, so we will all be learning to manage it for the first time together. By shutting down now, we can be better assured that our forces remain healthy and prepared to accommodate the community should the need arise for emergency construction of medical facilities or other support structures.

We are prepared to respond (as allowed/recommended by authorities) to any deemed emergencies that may arise. However, please forward a directive from the Mayor or Governor’s office that the property is considered critical and has permission to remain active.

Our entire professional staff is available by phone and email. We appreciate your patience if our replies are delayed, as we are all called upon to simultaneously respond to the pandemic both personally and professionally. In addition we are ensuring that our interoffice communication, management and accounting can continue with little to no interruption.

Stay safe, keep washing your hands, and if you have any questions, please contact us here.

—The John F. Shea Team

Since 1917, John F. Shea Co. Inc. has fortified Boston’s landmarks, institutions and businesses. Today we partner with organizations and owners throughout New England to build, repair and proactively protect your property through comprehensive roofing solutions. From historic renovations to timely maintenance, we offer safety, security and experience.

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