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Hazards of an Aged Roof

Resources // Renovation // October 23, 2019

One of the most important components of your building is the roof. Without a solid roof, you do not have a solid, well taken care of building. Whether you have a school, healthcare facility, or other business, you need to keep the clients and staff safe in the building. This means that you need to take care of your roof, especially as it ages. Here are some risks of an aging roof.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation is a big problem with aging roofs. When you have poor ventilation, the condensation becomes trapped between the layers of the roof. This can lead to roof deterioration and damage to flashing.

Damaged Shingles

Over time, shingles become damaged. When this happens, your torn shingles can allow moisture a point to penetrate the layers of the roof. If you see damaged shingles, it is important that you get them looked at as soon as possible.

High Utility Bills

When your roof ages, the damage like excessive water and poor ventilation can lead to your air conditioner or furnace working in overdrive. This leads to higher utility bills. If you want to lower your high utility bills, you might want to pay attention to your roof.

Ice Buildup

Aging roofs run the risk of ice buildup. These ice buildups allow water to leak into the attic. When moisture builds up, it can lead to roof rot.

Mold and Mildew

Aging roofs can cause damage to ceilings and walls. Mildew and mold stains can damage the inside of your home. If you see mold or mildew, then you may want to look at your roof for answers.

Paint Peeling

Older roofs can lead to peeling paint, fading, and blistering. This often happens if your attic does not have proper airflow or ventilation.

Leaking Water

Many homeowners do not realize that the attic is leaking. It’s important to check the attic for leaks of water, especially if you have an older roof. It’s better to check for leaking water before it travels further into your home.

When it comes to roof maintenance, you want to pay extra attention to it as it grows older. To learn more about roof maintenance and how to avoid the problems of an aging roof, consult with John f. Shea by calling 617-648-5757 or emailing us today!