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Options for a Flat Roof Drainage System

Resources // Renovation // July 31, 2020

There are a host of benefits that come with a flat roof for a commercial building, unfortunately, there are also some challenges. Since flat roofs don’t have a slope for rain and snow to run down, water can pool up, which could cause serious damage. Luckily, this damage can be avoided with a proper flat roof drainage system. The following are a few drainage system options to consider for your flat roof.


When properly installed, gutters can be an asset to a flat roof. Diverting water to the downspouts so it can be drained correctly will keep it from damaging walls and landscaping. It’s easy for twigs, leaves, and other debris to collect in a flat roof’s gutter system, so they will need to be periodically cleaned out, especially before and after a big storm.

Interior Drains

Strategically placed in the most effective locations on the flat roof, interior drains collect water and send it to a pipe. It runs through the pipes and out to a downspout where it is deposited into the ground. One of the benefits of an interior drainage system is the ability to customize it to the unique needs of your commercial building. They can get clogged, but a strainer can help prevent the pipes from filling up with debris.


A scupper is typically an easy-to-maintain system. They are openings along the edge of the roof that allow water to fall through. Scuppers yield best results when paired with gutters or downspouts.

Hire the Professionals

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