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Prevent These Roofing Issues To Protect Your Investment

Resources // Renovation // April 30, 2020
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Your roof protects your entire commercial structure from significant damage. Even routine thunderstorms can have a dramatic effect on interior elements of your building. Explore the many ways that water can damage your commercial building and find out why you need professional maintenance services near you.

Mold Growth

Even a minor roof leak creates the ideal atmosphere for mold to grow. Mold needs dark, warm, and wet areas to spread rapidly, so your attic, closets, and other small areas in your commercial building can easily harbor mold if you experience a roof leak. Mold spores can become airborne and can create health hazards for anyone in the building.

Structural Issues

Significant water damage can affect structural materials in your roof. Framing, whether wood or metal, can become compromised over time by exposure to moisture. Prevent the risk of a collapsed roof or expensive structural repair project by scheduling routine inspections and preventative maintenance.

Compromised Insulation

Most buildings use fiberglass insulation to reduce energy costs. Wet fiberglass insulation can become matted down. While it isn’t prone to molding, it will lose its insulation value and can dramatically affect your utility bills. Replacing wet insulation is time-consuming, so prevent it from becoming wet in the first place with a solid, leak-free commercial roof.

Hazardous Electrical System

Your electrical system isn’t designed to operate in wet conditions. Water in your roof and walls can compromise your electrical system and increase the risk of electrical shock or fire. Prevent this issue by having your roof leak repaired immediately.

Quality Roofing Services Near You

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