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What To Do About Wind Damage on Your Commercial Roof

Resources // Renovation // January 31, 2021
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Boston can get some serious wind storms, and if you don’t know what to do, you could suffer long-term effects from it. While you might walk around the exterior of your commercial building to pick up broken branches and other debris, you need to also think about the roof. If you’ve recently had winds at 40 miles per hour or more, it’s highly likely you have at least a little bit of damage up there.

Understand Types of Roof Damage From Wind

Perhaps the most common type of wind damage to a commercial roof is wind uplift. This is a situation in which the wind forces the roofing materials to be pushed or ripped upward. You might notice wrinkles or bubbles in the roofing materials if this has happened. It could also damage your fascia, flashing, underlying wood, shingles, or sheeting.

Another type of roof damage from wind is scouring. In this situation, and over an extended period of time, the wind slowly removes granules or gravel from off the surface of the roof. It might be gradual damage, so you may not realize it at first, but after many wind storms, you’ll notice the damage.

You might also find holes, cracks, and other small damages from the effects of wind. These things generally occur when branches and other debris are blown onto the roof by the wind. Even a small branch could make a hole in your roofing materials if it hits hard enough and at the right angle.

Take Care of the Issue Immediately

One of the most important things you can do for your commercial roof is to have it regularly inspected. Routine maintenance by the professionals ensures even the smallest forms of damage are recognized for what they are and repaired in a reasonable amount of time. You should also assess the damage immediately following any wind storms, particularly those that reach 40 miles per hour or above.

Contacting the Professionals Today

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