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Get More Years Out of a Commercial Roof

Resources // Renovation // July 18, 2019

Property managers know that extending the lifespan of a commercial roof is a good investment. The roof over a hospital, school, or a business can be hundreds of yards long and extend just as wide, which is why putting on a new roof every 15 or so years, is a big expenditure. Getting five or 10 more years out of a roof can save a company a bundle, not to mention the hassles, extra paperwork, and time it entails. It just makes good business sense to find ways to help your commercial roof last longer.

Don’t Skimp on Maintenance

There are a lot of simple and inexpensive steps that you can take to protect your roof. In many cases, these steps can be performed by regular employees, or be contracted out to a roofing company. These measures include the following actions:

  • Clear the roof area of trees that might drop debris or rub against your roof
  • Keep a lookout for animals nesting on the roof or looking for food
  • Check periodically for signs of aging, such as discoloration or mold growth
  • Survey your roof for holes, punctures, dents, or blistering

The advantage of having a roofing company perform these actions, is that the contractor will know what to look for and how to fix it. Timely repairs prevent problems from getting bigger, and in turn, strengthen your roof’s integrity.

Schedule Roof Inspections

There are two good reasons why an inspection should happen at least once a year on a commercial roof: one, it’s inexpensive — maybe even free, and two, it can prevent potential problems. If there has been a major weather event, such as an unusually strong storm or gusty winds, it’s usually a good idea to have someone checks things out then, too. In these cases, special attention should be paid to the flashing area, which is where many leaks begin.

A professional roofing company, such as John F. Shea in Boston, can inform customers on how to protect their commercial roof. Call us now at 617-648-5757 to schedule an appointment and see if you can get more years out of your roof.