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Reroofing from John F. Shea offers an attractive option for commercial roofs beyond repair. More cost-effective than an entirely new roof, reroofing, roof restoration or recovering a flat roof can maintain building health without the cost of new construction.

Cost-effective Roof Replacement

Recent legislation allows some business owners to write off the expense of a reroofing project in the same year that the work was performed, instead of over a much longer depreciation cycle. This update means reroofing may offer an even more attractive option for some businesses.

Evaluation and Assessment

Any replacement or re-cover project should start with the evaluation of the existing roofing system and the structural support system of the building. The condition of these two systems can significantly impact the performance of any roofing solution. The more careful this preliminary evaluation, the more the reroofing project will result in a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to the problem.

John F. Shea takes the time to evaluate each property individually and our team has the skill and expertise to recommend the best solution for your business.

Wondering if reroofing is a cost-effective option for your commercial property? Contact John F. Shea to find the best roofing solution.

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