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Roofing for New Construction: Starting from Scratch

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Building from the ground up requires extra attention at the top. With roofing for new construction, timelines could topple the whole project as one delay leads to another. At John F. Shea, we protect your capital investment with realistic budgetary forecasting.

Our reputation for accuracy has led us to work with the Northeast’s most respected construction companies time and again. Tenured relationships lead to increased purchasing scale and ultimately, reduced pricing.

John F. Shea’s New Construction Process:

  • Experienced Estimating: Providing on-time and specification-accurate estimates
  • Seamless Hand-off: Nailing the critical hand-off from estimating to operations with our streamlined approach
  • Accurate Submitting: Responsive, knowledgeable staff ensures accuracy
  • Project Execution: Winning combination of safety, experience, capacity and value

Start and finish on the right foot. Contact us to get started.

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