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Meet the people behind the projects that John F. Shea completes on time and on budget. These featured team members exemplify the integrity, training, skill and passion that unite our team and fuel our success.

Victor Szala, Senior Project Manager at John F. Shea

Victor Szala

Senior Project Manager

As the project manager, Victor Szala is the primary point of contact between the client and the team, which gives him the “opportunity to meet new people every other day.” Victor, who has served as senior project manager with John F. Shea for over a decade now, also enjoys the “freedom of movement” the position provides.

“There are good days, and crazy days,”he laughs. But one thing keeps him coming back to see what the next day brings. “We have a couple of great owners,” he explains, who offer the freedom and the resources to use your own judgment to get the job done right. The owners also uphold John F. Shea’s greatest asset. “Reputation. That’s what keeps us going,” says Victor. “We have great reputations with most of the biggest contractors in Boston.”

Victor has watched John F. Shea grow, and enjoyed the opportunity to grow with them. “I started as an estimator,” he recalls, then managed the service department. Today, when not coordinating projects and overseeing jobs, the Seekonk, MA resident enjoys working around the house and making time for golf.

Due to the variety of projects he oversees, Victor never gets bored. “Every job we do is something different,” Victor explains. “Even being at this for 30 years, I’m finding new things every week. I’m still learning.”

Dan Mastropoll, Superintendent John F. Shea

Dan Mastropoll

Roofing Superintendent

Given a choice, Dan would rather be outside. As a superintendent at John F. Shea roofing, he often gets his wish. “I can’t be cooped up,” he admits. Whether rebuilding a church steeple in New Bedford, MA or reconstructing a New England landmark, his days entail “going to different jobs, making sure the team is doing all the details according to the specs.”

“We do a lot of specialty jobs,” he explains, “something a regular roofing company couldn’t do.” Dan joined John F. Shea in 1993 as a foreman and has held his current position since 2001. Asked about his lengthy tenure he responds “I just enjoy working. I love doing roofing!”

Besides allowing him his fresh air, Dan’s position allows him to interact with internal teams, clients and vendors. “I come in contact with everyone,” he explains. The changing nature of the industry also keeps Dan on his toes. “It’s constantly changing,” he notes. “Systems change all the time while we find out what works, what doesn’t work. We implement new ways of roofing; new manufacturers are doing different things — We always have to keep up.”

What  hasn’t changed in the last three decades? John F. Shea’s priorities. “John F. Shea cares about their employees,” asserts Dan. “They care about our safety, and that’s a huge aspect of the business.” When he’s not working, the North Attleboro, MA resident enjoys golfing, fishing and spending time with his wife and two sons.